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Queen Of the Nile

Testimonials and Reviews

Welcoming and Comforting

Queen Of The Nile is a welcoming and comforting setting. Samar ( the owner) is an extremely kind and friendly woman. When you leave you feel satisfied with your service and totally forget it’s your first time ( if that’s your case like mine was today) . For anyone who is thinking of making an appointment … I strongly urge you to do so because I guarantee you’ll make a second one 🙂 🙂 !!!

Chantelle St.Jacques

Friendly and Professional

Samar is so friendly and professional (not to mention the sweetest lady ever)! I would 100% recommend her for sugaring, she’s the BEST in London.

Dalny Wyngard


My first experience with Samar was extraordinary! I was always so scared of waxing and pain, but she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. Never will I pick up a razor again! She has gained a forever client. Completely recommend any services from Samar!

Desiree Forrest


I was introduced to sugaring by my friend about a year ago, right before we were to go on vacation. I couldn’t believe that there was an option other than waxing that could provide such results. I have very fair hair so to have to shave it made it a lot more coarse than I liked it to be. Ever since my first time sugaring I haven’t looked at a razor. I have been visiting Samar for approximately 6 months of the year and she has undoubtedly been my best experience. She is so comfortable to be around, and so quick at it that it barely hurts. Her prices are about half the price of other places, and I respect the fact that Samar makes it affordable because she believes that sugaring is the best possible method, and wants everyone to feel it is within their budget. A+ for prices, A+ for comfort and A+ for total experience. I won’t go anywhere else.

Steph Jennings

The only person I trust

Samar is the only person I trust with my sugaring needs. She always ensures the job is done properly and does so causing minimal pain. While waxing used to aggravate my skin, her product leaves smooth and clean results with no skin damage. I would recommend Queen of the Nile Body Sugaring for anyone requiring hair removal; it’s an organic product at a great price and Samar is an absolute joy.

Jenna Fayad

Highly recommended

Samar is very professional and ensures you are comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend her services!

Yasmine Mouallem


Amazing work, quality products- Samar has the customer service to make you feel comfortable but also the professionalism that gives you confidence in her work.

Shannon Rose

Very professional

I have been waxing for years until I was introduced to Samar at Queen of the Nile Body Sugaring. It is less painful and the sugar doesn’t leave a sticky mess like wax does. It just melts away. The best part is the sugar is 100% natural, containing no chemicals so it is the way to go if you have sensitive skin. I started sugaring my legs and bikini area about 3 months ago and I have already noticed that the regrowth is slower and I have some spots where the hair is thinning out or not growing back. My experience with Samar at Queen of the Nile Body Sugaring has been a pleasant one to say the least. Samar is very professional with many years of experience and she makes you feel very comfortable. I look forward to my next Body Sugaring appointment.

Loni Graham

Absolutely love the results

I have been getting sugaring done for over a year now and I absolutely love the results. I can go four to five weeks with little to no hair growth thanks to sugaring! As a science student studying nutrition I also love the fact that sugaring is all natural and works great on sensitive skin too!

Megan Jany

Such a success!

I have been a friend and client of Samar’s for 10 years, and have nothing but the utmost respect for her and her work. She is not like other business women I know. She runs her business on the foundation of integrity and dignity, as opposed to being money hungry. She has proven over the years that her main focus is on two things; first is client satisfaction… Samar has by far, exceeded my expectations in order to keep me happy. Second is the sugaring… Samar has gone above and beyond allowing consistency possible, by making her prices affordable to everyone. This a woman who not only loves what she does, but believes in it too, and most importantly views her clients as people and treats them like family, which is why Queen Of The Nile is such a success!

Veronica Muntean

Personality and amazing results

I highly recommend Queen of the Nile Body Sugaring to anyone and everyone. I use to wax before being introduced to sugaring, and there is truly nothing like it. It is less painful, and the results are so much faster. Before meeting Samar, sugaring felt so impersonal and cold; never knowing which woman would be sugaring my body and not actually remembering who you were if you were a consistent client. But with Samar it is so comforting and she just makes the atmosphere and your nerves feel at ease. If her personality and the amazing results weren’t enough to make me a loyal customer than her prices would! Great service. Great prices. Amazing human being.

Tracy Vink

Samar is amazing

Around March 2015, my friend told me to try out sugaring because she knew how fast my hair grew. My first time trying sugaring was with Samar and I was so nervous I asked if my friend could come in the room with me. Samar was very open to anything that made me feel comfortable and safe. She was very talkative and sweet and it made me feel as if we were just having a conversation and not that she was doing anything else. Samar is the sweetest person I have ever met and she the best prices in London. I’ve called her my sugar mama for a little bit and that’s what she is, she’s so nurturing like a mother but keeps a professional balance. I would recommend Samar to anyone that’s interested in hair removal, or even anyone who just needs some good advice. She is also very accommodating when it comes to appointments; I remember one time I asked if I could come at 4 on a Saturday and even though she closes at 3 she said she would stay around and wait for me. Not many business would do something like that. In conclusion, Samar is amazing, and is willing to do anything that makes you comfortable and I would recommend her to anyone!

Theresa Reavely

Professional, kind, caring and gentle

Samar is amazing at her job! She is very professional, kind, caring and gentle at what she does! I feel good about myself every time I see Samar, I love the conversations we have and how she makes me feel comfortable. I have seen results since I have started sugaring with her. I would recommend Samar to anyone who is looking into sugaring!

Carina Vinagreiro

Such a great job!

Samar does such a great job! I first started sugaring after a friend recommended it for me, the results are what keep me coming back! Every time I come she makes me feel at home and very comfortable. She does a great job of keeping my mind occupied while the sugaring is taking place. She is very flexible with her scheduling, and I cannot say enough how much I love coming to her!

Andrea Crump

New found confidence!

I’m not sure what it is about getting sugared that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, but after being sugared it’s like adding new found confidence! I just met Samar and she was extremely accommodating, especially since I was 38 weeks pregnant. I highly recommend her and her services.

Kelly Rogers

Always pleasant

I would highly recommend Queen of the Nile for sugaring! My experiences have always been pleasant and Samar is most professional leaving me with a feeling of comfort and job well done!

Tammy Butt

Amazing for everyone

I have been a client of Samar for a long time, she is one of the best people I know and that’s not just because of her sugaring skills. She has made sugaring an amazing experience and one that I plan on continuing for a long time. Her prices are amazing for everyone, especially being a student, we don’t have that much to spend but she makes it work! I would recommend Samar to anyone and I say give it a try, you will not regret it or the results 🙂

Melissa Silverthorn-Peters

I tell everyone how much I love her sugar!

I cannot say enough about Samar. I tell everyone about how amazing she is and how much I love her and her sugar! I have had other practitioners in the past but when I met Samar, and experienced her professionalism and expertise in body sugaring, that was that…I knew I would follow her anywhere! She really is the best at what she does. God Bless!

Dawn Longley

I absolutely love going to see Samar

I absolutely love going to see Samar for all my sugaring needs. A friend referred her to me and I’m so happy they did! Samar always makes sure I leave with satisfied results, she also will go above and beyond to make sure her customers are comfortable and are always aware of what she is about to do!

Christina Gryn

Like hanging out with a friend you’ve known all your life

I’ve been waxing for as long as I can remember, and while it’s a painful experience, I always though to myself the end result was worth it. I went with a friend to a salon in Toronto for my first sugaring experience, and it was less painful than waxing, but still not great. I wanted to keep it up locally, here in London though, and am so thankful I found Samar. She is so quick and efficient that I barely notice the pain anymore, and her prices absolutely cannot be beat and make it much easier to keep up with her recommended sugaring schedule. Going to see her is like hanging out with a friend you’ve known all your life. I enjoy chatting with her during the service, and it’s done before I know it. I recommend her to anyone and sing her praises all the time. I am certainly a customer for life.

Steph Kelly

Flexible hours, great pricing and a personable atmosphere

With flexible hours, great pricing and a personable atmosphere, Samar’s Queen of the Nile provides a professional and comfortable experience with each visit. Thanks!

Lauren Z

I absolutely love it!

I was introduced to sugaring by one of my close friends over a year ago and I absolutely love it! Samar has been absolutely amazing! Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she develops personal relationships with her clients which makes the experience that much better. You won’t regret seeing Samar for your sugaring needs!

Christina Rivest

Always goes over and beyond

From the very first appointment I had with Samar I felt comfortable and I knew that I could trust her with all of my Sugaring needs. She is professional, accommodating and always goes over and beyond to ensure I’m happy with the services. She is a great practitioner and a wonderful person! Highly recommended!

Doreen Khamo

Amazing from the first appointment

My experience with Samar has been amazing from the first appointment. I was very nervous when I first decided to try sugaring and did not know what to expect…right away Samar made me at ease and very comfortable. She is very good at what she does and has a lot of information to go along with it which has helped keep my hair growth minimal since starting the sugaring process! I truly look forward to our appointments and being able to have light and fun conversations while making me feel more confident in myself by removing my unwanted hair 🙂

Stevie Connolly

I was hooked

I have light, sensitive skin, with dark, thick and curly hair. I had always had trouble shaving, ending up with irritation and ingrown hairs. I had tried waxing, but my skin was still getting irritated. A friend of mine suggested sugaring and referred me to Samar. Once I had started sugaring, I was hooked and never went back, I was so happy with the results. I was seeing Samar at a previous employer, and was so pleased by her service that I wanted to stay loyal to her regardless of where she was working! She is always kind, polite and professional, and I always leave my appointment very happy! I would gladly recommend anyone looking to get sugaring services to Samar.

Christine Raheb

Natural, gentle hair removal!

Natural, gentle hair removal! It’s awesome. Queen of the Nile Body Sugaring by Samar is a safe, natural, gentle hair removal system. No more hot wax, harsh chemicals and red, irritated skin. Samar uses a natural, water-soluble sugar solution at room temperature to remove unwanted hair. This process is very effective, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Samar is very professional. I highly recommend Samar, and body sugaring.

Susan Coleman

I couldn’t believe the results!

A friend of mine recommended I try sugaring, so I made an appointment that happened to be with Samar. I couldn’t believe the results! Little to no ingrown hairs and smooth for so long, I would recommend this method to anyone! Samar is so personable and comfortable to be around and really knows what she is doing. I will never go back to shaving!

Brittany Browne