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Queen Of the Nile

For The Queen

Service Price
Eyebrows 20
Upper Lip 12
Chin OR Neck 15
Shoulders 20
Underarms 20
Arms (hands and fingers included) 35
Tummy Line 15
Chest (breasts and nipples) 20
Full Tummy (under breast to bikini area) 40
Lower Back 20
Full Back 40
Buttlocks (cheek-to-cheek) 25
Behind the Scenes (between the cheeks) 15
Bikini 30
Teenie-Weenie-Bikini 35
*Brazilian (regular) 40
*First Time Brazilian 50
Partial Legs (inner thighs) 25
Half Legs 40
Full Legs (feet and toes included) 70

*Please book a FIRST TIME BRAZILIAN if you are a new client or if you have not had sugaring done within 6 weeks of your last scheduled appointment.

Before booking a first-time or regular brazilian

Vulvar skin and hormones

Vulvar skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of our skin. As we get older, vulvar skin thins out, especially as we approach, experience, and conclude menopause. Due to the sugar paste’s (although gentle) natural exfoliating factor, this may cause harm to a menopausal woman’s vulva skin, possibly causing abrasions. Other factors that may affect hormonal changes, such as; birth control pills, certain IUDs, Pregnancy, prescribed pills or creams, and even stress, might affect a very minimal percentage of women to experience the above. 

Face, 2 Services (not including eyebrows) 25
Face, 3 Services 35
Full Face (4+ services) 40
Half Legs & Bikini 65
Half Legs & Teenie Weenie Bikini 70
Half Legs & Brazilian 75
Half Legs & First Time Brazilian 85
Full Legs & Bikini 90
Full Legs & Teenie Weenie Bikini 95
Full Legs & Brazilian 100
Full Legs & First Time Brazilian 110


THE QUEEN (women’s full-body sugaring) price is $275 plus HST
If you would like to book ‘The Queen’, please TEXT 519-317-7337 for availability.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before booking confirmation payable by e-transfer or cash

Includes: Full Body (Neck to Toes) 275

IMPORTANT: If you cannot complete a service at the time of the appointment, you will still be charged and are still responsible to pay for the total price of all services you booked.  Please read our Cancellation/ Rescheduling/ No-Show Policy at the bottom of our HOME page before booking an appointment.

Prices are subject to change.

Women's Body Sugaring Services